Document Templates

Document Templateis similar to an email template, but instead of forming the body of an email, it is converted into a PDF and attached to an email.

Typically Document templates are used for Contracts, Invoices, Receipts, Proposals, Flyers, and Packing/show info sheets but you can use these for any purpose you like.

There are two ways to create PDF attachments.

1. Automation Routines - A document template can be attached to any email that is generated by the automation engine. When defining a routine click "+" to add a step and select the action "Send Email" and click "Next"

On the next screen you will select an email template and you can optionally select Document Templates to be attached.

2. Generate Document - On the Lead or Gig screen, under the "..." action menu on the event details panel select "Generate Document" 

A popup will appear where you will select a document template. 

Once you select a template, it will "merge" in any data appear in the editor below. This allows you to make any final tweaks and customizations.

Below that you have the option to either download the PDF or to Email the PDF. If you select email, the PDF will be generated and attached to a new composed email. You can type the message body here (or use a template) and send or schedule the email. 

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  • 20-Sep-2016