Computed/Formatted Merge Fields

Calculating Payment Amounts in Templates from Mago:Talent on Vimeo.

Computed/Formatted Merge Fields extend the capabilities of merge fields. All other merge fields replace the merge fields with exactly what is in the database. This is normally all that is necessary but there are several situations where you may want advanced formatting. 

You can access all merge fields by clicking on the "Insert" dropdown in the template editor.

There are also special fields that don't belong to any one module of Mago, like booking or payments links. 

Currently Mago supports the following Computed/Formatted Merge Fields

Merge Field   Description
Balance Due Calculates the current balance due at the time of running. Uses "Deposit Paid" and "Balance Paid" checkboxes to determine payment status. Note - If you check the box after the email is generated, the email will not be updated. Use "Balance Amount" if you want to show fee-deposit regardless of payment status.
Balance Amount Calculates the balance amount. Simply calculated as Fee - Deposit.
Current Date   This will insert today's date into the template
Distance to Gig  This will calculate the distance from your business address to the venue address. An invalid or incomplete venue address in the gig record could yield unexpected results.
E-Sig Line  This merge token is to be inserted into a contract or other document requiring an E-Signature. Insert this where an electronic (or manual) signature would go
E-Sig Link  This is the link to sign the document online
Event Date Calendar  This will insert a snapshot of your calendar on the date of the event. This is very useful for new lead notifications. We recommend this only be included in emails that go to you
Gig Link  This generates a clickable link to open the gig (or lead) record in Mago. This field is usually only notification emails that are sent to you.
Gig Weekday  Mago stores a date in a standard format (i.e. 12/10/2016) It is occasionally more natural to refer to the date by the weekday (i.e. "See you next Saturday!" reads much better than "See you 12/10/2016") Gig weekday will only show the day of the week of the gig for this reason.
Gig Text Date Like Gig Weekday, Gig Text Date formats the show date. In this case it formats it into a date is is more natural. If $gig_date_closed was "12/10/2016" Gig Text date would be "December 10th"
Map Link  This generates a clickable link to google maps driving directions from your home/office to the venue address.
Online Payment Link  Mago supports both online booking and online payments. This will generate a clickable link to the payment page. If no fee has been defined, it will direct the contact to select a show option. Read more about online payments. 
Reschedule Show Time If you are not available at a particular date or time, you can allow a contact to submit alternate showtimes (or indicate their schedule is not flexible) using this option. 
Select Show Option Link  Mago supports both online booking and online payments. This will generate a clickable link to the show option selection page (only if the "fee" field is not blank.) If a fee has been defined in system, it will direct the contact to make an online payment. Read more about online payments.
Select Show Option w/o payment  In most cases Mago users allow contacts to both select a show option and make a payment at the same time. Some users choose to fully automate their booking process. In these situations it's prudent to manually approve a show date before collecting a deposit. This option will generate a link that will only allow a contact to select a show option and then notify you. In this configuation the user would receive a notification of a show option and, upon approving the date, the contact would receive a separate confirmation email with a payment link. 
Run Routine This option generates a clickable link to select one or more routines to run against the current gig. This option is typically used in system notification emails to the user. For example, when a contact selects a show option or makes a deposit you may wish to run a routine to convert the lead to a gig, send a confirmation, schedule check-in email before show date etc. This will allow you to do this with only a few clicks (or taps on your smartphone)
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  • 22-Jul-2018