Enabling Calendar Sync

Mago provides two calendar feeds on your profile. You can access your profile using the top-right menu and clicking on "My Profile" 
One feed is "leads" which will allow your unbooked leads to appear in your calendar. The second is "Gigs" which will list your confirmed bookings. 
To add the calendar on your desktop or mobile device, simply click or tap the calendar feed link you want to add and it will automatically open with your default calendar app. Some apps, like iCal default to never updating. Be sure you change this to a sensible value like every hour or every day. 
Google calendars don't allow you to choose a refresh interval. To add your mago calendar to Google calendars:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. On the left side, find "Other calendars" and click the down arrow Down arrow.
  3. Select Add by URL.
  4. Enter the calendar's address in the field provided. The address needs to be an ICAL link.
  5. Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under "Other calendars."

Note: It might take up to 12 hours for changes to show in your Google Calendar.

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  • 13-Nov-2016